With local, state and federal government contracts being a major source of funding for nonprofits iCommunity Connection Services, Inc. is always looking for the right organizations, non-profit and for-profit providers, to team with in delivering a broad range of services to the public. When partnering on contracts with other organizations iCCS evaluates:

  • Nature and composition of services to be provided;
  • Personnel and supplies needed;
  • Organizational capacity;
  • Organizational knowledge and capabilities;
  • Organizational integrity;
  • Commitment to an excellent work product;
  • Successful past performance; and
  • Public need and contract impact.

The public need for services is always there. There are countless small businesses who have services to offer. Let iCCS help your organization bridge the gap and assist you with growing your business and services.

For more information please contact our office.

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Leo Brooks – CEO